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Our most popular blend is well-loved for adding to your at-home microdose. Lion's mane and cacao can work synergistically to create new neural connections in your brain and open your heart to more connection with the world around you. The fat content of the cacao powder acts as a delivery vessel to bring the mushrooms deeper into your cells. May this blend empower your healing and reignite your magic. 

Made with: organic cacao powder and Lion's Mane extracted from 100% organic mushroom fruiting bodies. Keeping it legal, this blend leaves out the psilocybin.

Vibes: heal, transform, play

The beloved blend brings harmony, balance, and uplifted energy to your day. This is our most popular blend of heart-nourishing cacao with brain-boosting Lion's Mane to incorporate into your daily rituals.

We love this blend in the first half of the day because it can get the inspiration flowing and energize your spirit. We include a high-fat content cacao powder to ensure you benefit from the naturally occurring cacao butter in your dose.

For microdosing, this blend is our more feminine take on the popular Paul "Stamets stack" of Psilocybin, Lion's Mane & niacin. Paul's theory is that the flush niacin, which causes an uncomfortable hot flash experience, can help to deliver the mushrooms to the ends of our neurons and prevent degradation.

Many have turned to our blend instead to provide a more gentle experience. The Beloved Blend replaces the niacin with high-fat cacao powder, which helps deliver the mushrooms deep into the tissues.

Lastly, cacao brings in the energy of playfulness. Combined with the fungi friends, there is great joy & synergy to be had.


Lion's Mane: studies have shown that lion's mane compounds stimulate neurons to re-grow, which has made this one of the more well-known medicinal mushrooms. These neuroregeneration effects are especially effective for improving memory + cognitive abilities, for memory disorders like Alzheimer's disease, and repairing neurological trauma. Studies have also found Lion's Mane is a cancer preventative in the GI tract.

Lion's Mane is often added to microdoses because, along with the psilocybin, it supports your brain to build new neural connections. This can help you create new habits that stick and expand your perspective to think of creative solutions.


Cacao is one of the highest naturally occurring food sources of magnesium and contains more calcium than cow's milk. It is packed with minerals and nutrients that are nourishing for our bodies. Cacao can increase blood flow by up to 40% when consumed in higher amounts, which has earned it the title of the Heart Activator as so much more blood is pumping through our hearts. Cacao is an essential medicine in indigenous Mayan culture. Many around the globe turn to cacao rituals for healing. You can read more about cacao here. 


Our favorite way to get our medicinal mushrooms in daily is to add them to a warm latte:

4-6oz of your favorite nut or dairy milk.

Heat over the stove.

Remove from heat before boiling.

Add 1 tsp of your micro.glow blend.

Add honey/maple syrup/stevia to taste.

Use a handheld frother, whisk, or blender to mix until frothy.

Set an intention, give thanks, and enjoy!


You can use these blends as is, and they are also formulated to add to your practice if you microdose.

*Keeping it legal, these blends leave out the psilocybin.

Our blends are safe, legal, and crafted using the highest quality ingredients to support you in shining and thriving.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your qualified healthcare provider before beginning any diet program or supplement.