our mission

We are here to help humans reclaim their mineral heritage. We believe in whole foods as medicine and prioritize resolving the root cause of health issues. We are especially interested in supporting mineral health for parents + families, those who plan to be parents, and people working with plant medicines.

our services

I provide personal consultations over a video call to help you identify and address the root cause of your health issues. In our consults, I can review Hair Mineral Analysis Labs + blood work and provide guidance on a proven protocol to bring your minerals and overall health back into balance.

I work with you for 3-months with unlimited access to fully support you in implementing these lifestyle changes and see results.

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our approach

My consults are holistic - I will review your stress timeline and piece together the root causes of the symptoms you experience today. Through nutrition, stress reduction practices, and light supplementation, we will address copper deficiencies and iron overload, increase magnesium levels, restore retinol, replenish your adrenal function, and decrease inflammation.

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our products

Our medicinal mushroom ritual blends are crafted with simplicity and effectiveness in mind.
To ensure you receive the most benefit we keep the ingredients simple and use no fillers or preservatives.
We source the highest quality organic fruiting body mushrooms we have found. Our powders are made from 1:1 mushroom extracts to include the medicinal benefits in the form that nature intended.
Medicinal mushrooms have been used for healing for thousands of years by indigenous cultures from every continent. Our products bridge ancient healing modalities with modern life.
Mushrooms are most effective when ingested consistently, which is why we crafted these as mushroom ritual blends. You can use the different blends in our collection to get the mushrooms into your diet multiple times a day. We encourage you to take a moment for a deep breath and to refocus yourself when you are making your mushroom ritual drinks or adding the powders to your smoothies, oatmeal, or desserts.



We embrace the courage to be imperfect and vulnerable. We show up as ourselves. We welcome you as you are.


We thrive in, and are fortified by, our relationships. We delight in connecting to ourselves, each other, and all things around us.


We recognize that the same energy that guides a flower to bloom lives inside each one of us. We approach healing holistically.

our reciprocity

To honor the mushrooms which provide so much to us, we donate 3% of product revenue (not profits!) quarterly to the Old Growth Forest Network.
Some fungi, like Agarikon can only be found in old-growth forests. And Chaga, which is in our Moon Beam & Earth Beat blends exists in its largest forms in old-growth forests only. There are likely many unidentified species of fungi in these forests. These forests provide a huge benefit to our ecosystems, and many are being lost to logging and development.
When purchasing our products you are directly supporting our earth through the preservation of topsoil creation, carbon + nitrogen retention, and air + water quality.

our roots

Sena Maria is here to increase our capacity for resilience through micro-healing. As a Re-mineralizer, Wellness Explorer, and Root Cause Protocol Consultant, she believes that micro-nutrients are the key to our healing. She's passionate about working with the mineral and plant/fungi medicine paths to return to the simple, natural joy of being alive.