sunshine | activation

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Allow this blend of medicinal mushrooms to bring you enhanced mental clarity and a sustained energy boost. Made with love and care to support you in bringing your ideas and visions into form, you may notice a new level of stamina and inspiration awakening within you.

Ingredients: Cordyceps & Lion's Mane Powder extracted from 100% organic mushroom fruiting bodies.

Vibes: awaken, energize, inspire

sun shine is your ally for morning rituals or mid-day focus sessions. If you feel like you need some energy and cognition support, you can add 1 tsp to your morning elixirs and mid-day brews. Don't hesitate to double or triple-up on these throughout the day as the benefits compound! We recommend sticking with this one earlier in the day, as it can be activating before bed.

Lion's Mane: studies have shown that lion's mane compounds stimulate neurons to re-grow, which has made this one of the more well-known medicinal mushrooms. These neuroregeneration effects are especially effective for improving memory + cognitive abilities, for memory disorders like Alzheimer's disease, and repairing neurological trauma. Studies have also found Lion's Mane to be a cancer preventative in the GI tract.

Lion's mane is often added to microdoses, because, along with the psilocybin, it supports your brain to build new neural connections. This can help you in creating new habits that stick and expanding your perspective to think of creative solutions.


Cordyceps: studies have shown cordyceps to be a potent health tonic for cardiovascular health and liver strengthening. Known in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac, it can increase blood flow in our bodies by up to 40%. This makes it well-known for reducing fatigue, and enhancing endurance, and it is popular among athletes.

Cordyceps is strengthening, and activating, and may be an immune fortifier, and potent anti-cancer fungus.


Our favorite way to get our medicinal mushrooms in daily is to add them to a warm latte:

4-6oz of your favorite nut or dairy milk.

Heat over the stove.

Remove from heat before boiling.

Add 1 tsp of your micro.glow blend.

Add honey/maple syrup/stevia to taste.

Use a handheld frother, whisk, or blender to mix until frothy.

Set an intention, give thanks, and enjoy!


You can use these blends as is, and they are also formulated to add to your practice if you microdose.

*Keeping it legal, these blends leave out the psilocybin.

Our blends are safe, legal, and crafted using the highest quality ingredients to support you in shining and thriving.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your qualified healthcare provider before beginning any diet program or supplement.