Why Taking Magnesium is Critical For Your Microdosing Practice

Why Taking Magnesium is Critical For Your Microdosing Practice

Did you know that psilocybin can deplete our magnesium levels? A study by Dr. Burton Altura conducted in 2018* found that ingesting psilocybin resulted in cellular depletion of magnesium ions.

Magnesium is a co-factor for more than 3,700 enzymes (out of 9,000 in the body) and impacts almost all of our major body systems, from our nervous system, hormones, DNA regulation, tissue growth, and cardiovascular health, to name a few. To put it simply, when we don't have enough magnesium, it impacts our sleep and our nervous system and generally causes a lot more stress.

And more stress leads to health issues which leads to more stress.

This is a big deal for those of us microdosing to improve our health and well-being!

Because of our diminishing soil health, we are not getting nearly enough magnesium from our food. Studies show that up to 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium already. This is why supplementing with magnesium is important regardless of if you microdose.

I've been learning more about the importance of minerals in my health journey from my nutritionist Laura, @wildlyonswellness, and following the Root Cause Protocol. Experts recommend magnesium glycinate because it is more easily absorbed. I like Thorne + Jigsaw Health brands. Topical magnesium is also highly recommended because we can absorb a lot through the skin. I like Ancient Minerals magnesium oil, and baths with their magnesium flakes.

Questions we have yet to answer:

  • How does microdosing compare to macro dosing regarding the magnesium burn rate?
  • How much magnesium is lost?
  • Can we regain the amount of magnesium that is lost by supplementing?
  • What are the long-term effects of microdosing on magnesium levels?

I'm not sure that restoring our magnesium levels is as easy as taking a supplement. Magnesium interlinks with, potassium + sodium levels, among other things, in the body. For example, it is possible that taking magnesium could deplete your sodium & potassium levels if you’re not actively getting sodium + potassium in your diet. Stress also plays a huge role in our magnesium levels. The more stressed we are, the more magnesium we burn. And for many, doing a round of microdosing can help reduce stress. To understand the nuance here, one would need to take a hair mineral test to explore their own mineral ratios. 

You can find a Root Cause Protocol practitioner in your area here.

I’m exploring ideas for how to incorporate magnesium into our micro.glow collection to support your microdosing practice. I’m also becoming an RCP practitioner because of how important this information is to our foundational health. I’d love to hear - have you considered taking magnesium supplements or testing your mineral levels as part of your health journey?



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