What to expect from the Root Cause Protocol

What to expect from the Root Cause Protocol

When working together for a Root Cause Protocol consultation, we will review your stress timeline, examining your lifestyle from birth to today and noting significant events that have caused stress. We will discuss all of your health symptoms and map them onto this timeline to draw a connection between them and your stress.

We will discuss your diet in the context of nutrient density and mineral content and recommend addressing your symptoms through whole foods with some supplementation following the root cause protocol handbook.

The tenants of the RCP are to get as much as possible from natural whole food sources. Some supplements are required on the protocol in cases where we cannot obtain all the nutrients we need from foods, e.g., magnesium.

Healing the root cause is achieved with a mix of re-mineralization, reducing iron overload in the tissue, reducing stress, and emotional release work.

The work of Weston A Price is a foundational part of the Root Cause Protocol. Most of the dietary recommendations included are animal-based, focusing on nutrient-dense foods from 'traditional' or 'ancestral' diets. These foods are a required part of the healing process.

The process of remineralization takes time. Most feel benefits within a few months, and it can take two or more years to feel a sustained change. It took us many years to get to the place we are today, and it will take time to bring our bodies back into balance. This work is not a quick fix and requires a willingness to make long-term lifestyle changes.

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