Foundational Mushroom Ritual Recipes

Foundational Mushroom Ritual Recipes

Our favorite way to get our medicinal mushrooms in daily is to add them to a warm latte.

The micro.glow Foundational Mushroom Ritual Recipe:

  • 4-6oz of your favorite nut or dairy milk
  • Heat over the stove
  • Remove from heat before boiling
  • Add 1 tsp of your micro.glow blend
  • Add honey/maple syrup/stevia to taste
  • Use a handheld frother, whisk, or blender to mix until frothy
  • Take an extended moment (or more) to pause, feel your feet on the earth, take a breath and give thanks. You can also set an intention.



Recipe Variations + Tips

-- you can start with selecting a favorite mug, and pour your milk into the mug to measure your liquid instead - that can help achieve the 'perfect pour' ;) 

-- If you are using a handheld frother, make sure you froth it in the pot on the stove, or in a tall cup so you don't spill your drink everywhere. 

-- If you are adding your own mushroom microdose, start with .1g (100mg). You can learn how to create an impactful microdosing practice here.

-- Our mushroom ritual blends are designed to support your energy flow throughout the day. For example, you can start with sun shine in the morning, earth beat around noon, and moon beam in the evening. You can also mix and match the blends depending on what you need support with.

-- You can make this latte perfect for you, by adding your own herbs and spices that you love. You can try adding some lavender, rose, cinnamon, vanilla, the potentials are limitless! If you're interested in learning how to become a medicinal mushroom alchemist to create your own healing elixirs, join our free community for inspiration and workshops.

-- If you want to make your blend extra creamy and nourishing, try adding some ceremonial cacao into the mix. I recommend Ora Cacao, and you can use SENACACAO for a discount.


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