About Sena | the founder of micro.glow

About Sena | the founder of micro.glow

The vision for micro.glow started when I experienced profound healing from plant medicines. First, Cacao, then master teachers, like Ayahuasca + San Pedro cactus. Microdosing psilocybin helped me integrate those experiences, and I credit all of these teachers for helping me become who I am today. More alive, present, embodied, and resonant with the natural cycles of life. When I realized how transformative these healing modalities were, I wanted everyone to experience them. But encouraging people to dive into psychedelics for healing felt hard. Because of stigma, fear, lack of access, and understanding, it didn't feel accessible for many people I came across.


Microdosing was different. I found people were more open to trying it. It's a practice that meets people where they are and brings the healing wisdom of the fungi into their daily lives. As I got to know the fungi friends more intimately, lightness and a sense of joy pervaded my being - regardless of whether I was microdosing that day. I literally couldn't stop talking about this practice, and before I knew it, people were reaching out to me for help. I researched. I took courses. I networked, and I listened to the guidance of the mushrooms. Our wellness systems are broken. Our good intentions have been distorted for insurance payouts and emotionally numbing pharmaceuticals. We haven't had major advancements in treating depression and anxiety since the development of SSRIs over 30 years ago. The number of people suffering is steadily increasing.


Dr. Jim Fadiman, the modern-day father of microdosing, has interviewed over 2,000 people about their microdosing experiences. He found that people who took SSRIs reported feeling less sad. When people microdosed, they reported feeling less sad AND more glad. More studies are emerging showing the promise of this practice for mental & emotional health.


Microdosing psilocybin isn't a magic pill, and it's not for everyone. I created micro.glow to provide trustworthy education and community, so people can explore if it is suitable for them and approach it in a good way. I also am providing products to support our cellular wellness that include a variety of (non-psychedelic) medicinal mushrooms because the fungi world is vast and full of medicine. The concept of microdosing doesn't only apply to psychedelics. It's an approach that can apply to many areas in life.

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