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Learn how to shift your cellular health from depletion and burnout to replenished + nourished with nutrition, minerals and lifestyle.

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remineralizing mushroom ritual blends

Enhance your health and remineralize with organic mushrooms. Incorporate ritual into your day with our visionary blends.

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1:1 testimonials

In starting with Sena Maria, I had blood and hair follicle tests and then three online sessions with her.  We looked at the data from the test results and talked through my lifestyle, diet, sleep, and physical fitness efforts so she could get a good sense of where I am and where I need to go.  For the last couple of months, I have been living according to her recommendations and I can’t tell you how much better I feel.  When I started with Sena, I was not feeling very well at all – very fatigued and pretty depressed about it.  Now I feel like I have a new lease on life.  Probably the biggest area of improvement has been in my diet – I’m eating much healthier and taking supplements based on her recommendations.  I think my mineral balance is getting to where it should be and that really helps.  But Sena helped with other areas that are contributing too.  She has recommended some exercise and stress relief practices and looked at my living space to make it healthier. All of these recommendations have been the difference between feeling healthy and positive and feeling fatigued and depressed.  I can’t recommend working with Sena enough. - David S.


I came to Sena for an RCP consult after finding out I was pregnant with my second child. I was feeling super depleted as a nursing mom of a toddler and a full-time entrepreneur. Working with Sena helped me to understand what it is to be a well-nourished woman and gave me permission to prioritize myself and my health. I love living a pro-metabolic lifestyle with frequent, nutrient-dense, animal-protein meals. This pregnancy has been so much gentler than my first, and I have way more sustained energy and comfort in my changing body. Thank you, Sena! Your work is phenomenal and life-changing. 

- Maggie

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Includes HTMA + Blood work, and three months of support to get to the root cause of your health issues and help you THRIVE.


We source organic ingredients

And craft our blends with whole fruiting bodies, and love.


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We are committed to helping people heal and rebuild their mineral heritage.



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